Select Company: No big secret as to why one toy company is flourishing

When it comes to toy companies, you have the big two, and they’re no strangers to one another as far as a little friendly competition.

Must like any industry that boasts some heavy hitters (Coke versus Pepsi; AT&T versus Verizon, etc.), those in the toy biz are always paying close attention to the happenings of Hasbro and Mattel.

These companies can’t help but compete against one another but lately in the toys and games category, it’s been quite the one sided race.

Hasbro is hats off, head and shoulders better than its Mattel counterpart, and as much as you’d like to sit and debate the reasons as to why, you would be hard pressed to have much of a discussion when you really look at the brands being put on the shelves by Hasbro.

The three headed sales monster that is Hasbro consists of all the major players being accounted for: boys, preschoolers and girls.

Hasbro has cornered the market with all three of these thanks to brands that beckon your undivided attention, and have been winners for decades when it comes to sales, appeal and just how well marketed and known the brands are.

Case in point, Hasbro has the rights to Star Wars and Frozen, which for boys and girls respectively are about as popular as it gets. The new Star Wars movie and its release on the big screen and DVD have launched a myriad of marvelous toys for a whole new generation of kids whose parents (dads, specifically) are just as inclined to buy for their kids since they enjoyed Darth Vader and company back during the original run of Episodes 4 through 6.

Frozen and its popularity speaks to the younger girls audience, and even as far as infants and toddlers go, Hasbro is hot.

Mattel has its one ace in the hole, and that is the Barbie franchise, which allows the toy company to bridge the gap in the girls department. But Mattel and its brands aren’t nearly as iron clad as Star Wars, Frozen or Play Doh (for the infants). Mattel puts its superhero eggs in the basket of Marvel, and the Superman versus Batman movie made waves for all the wrong reasons, and the movie made money but didn’t connect with kids from an action figure standpoint.

The action between Hasbro and Mattel will most likely continue but Hasbro has the lead and then some in this race thanks to no big secrets: they have more defined, well known and popular name brands for all types of kids.


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