Popular Children’s Toys in 2012

Popular Children’s Toys in 2012

Anyone that has had children knows that their favorite toys–and popular toys–change pretty much every year. A toy that is popular during one Christmas season, may be completely out of style during the next Christmas season. This means that you are always constantly purchasing new choice for your little one, and have to stimulate their mind with new toys to play with constantly. As you begin to get ready for the upcoming Christmas season, and look for children’s toys, a few of the more popular types of toys in 2012 include:

New Twists on Old Toys

Much like fashion, old toys typically come back into style at some point. In 2012, toymakers are finding excellent ways to reinvent old toys that were favorites of children, for a new generation. This may include new interpretations of old toys, as well as expansions and add-ons. In reimagining these old toys, they are finding new life with children, and are becoming popular for these companies once again. You will find the toys as simple as Legos and K-Nex are still around, often with add-ons in new implementations that make them exciting to a younger generation that is used to being constantly stimulated.


Children also love gadgets. This is the day and age where every adult carries around a tablet computer with them, and is constantly connected to the Internet. Although you probably do not want to allow your young child to run wild on the Internet as they please, getting them kid friendly gadgets can help get them the technical training that they desire, without having to worry about where they are going on the Internet. Often times, mini tablets will be available two children that contain educational software and games to keep their attention. This is excellent, because they will feel like they have their own tablet, but will have access to lots of educational information, while enjoying playing with it.

Film Inspired

Film inspired toys have also become very popular as of late. With each large movie release, companies such as Lego, are constantly releasing film inspired toys for children. If your child has a favorite movie, then getting them toys inspired by that movie can definitely be a good idea, and will allow you to be sure that you are getting them a toy that they’re going to enjoy.other companies also released film inspired products, which have been a big hit with children.

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