Off-Season balling: Why sports dominates video game market this Season

So what is it that makes season special?  It is not Fall so there is no chill in the air or leaves changing colors?

Pumpkin spiced everything?

How about your favorite video game releases, specifically for PlayStation 4.

Most of what dominates the this Season, not surprisingly, are sports games, specifically the off-season ones.

September to November is usually always packed with highly anticipated game titles, but sports often rules.

NBA 2k18 was released September 15th. This year’s version will include fan favorite modes such as My Team and My League.

And it wouldn’t be fall without football.  And it wouldn’t be football season without Madden.  Madden NFL 18 will be the first to use the Frostbite engine.  It will also feature a career mode and a new story mode, called the Long Shot.

You have to always be impressed with the Madden games and legacy of how relevant the game has remained. Of course, football being the most popular North American sport doesn’t hurt, either, but the game is always changing more than just its rosters.

From North America’s most popular sport, football, to the most popular version of football in the world: futbol.

All sports are covered in the fall 2017 releases, with FIFA 18 set to be released September 29th.  FIFA beat Madden to the punch on the story mode with in FIFA 17.  That story mode will continue to play out in FIFA 18 as well.

Although not necessarily a NASCAR product, racing also is a hot Fall spectacle of sorts, with the release of GT Sport in October. GT Sport marks the first Grand Turismo game since 2013.  It will focus on the E sports competitive scene and will feature the integration of Porsche cars as well.

Most of what else dominate the Fall lineup are familiar brands in addition to the bevy of sports titles. Names like Call of Duty, South Park and Star Wars lead the non sports back.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole comes out October 17th.  The sequel to South Park: The Stick Of Truth, this release will be full of crude gags and jabs and will have gamers laughing hard again.

In November, Call of Duty WWII will be released.  This Call of Duty will return to it’s origins where you’ll play as a World War 2 shooter.  Some other changes also include having to find health instead of the standard regenerating health system, and will also introduce a new multi player hub.

Also in November, Star Wars: Battlefront II comes out.  This release features expanded multi player modes as well as a campaign that focuses on a soldier in the Galactic Empire’s army.  Battlefront II is expected to be chocked full of other compelling content as well.

But the real frontrunner this Fall is anything and everything sport, with a few notable contenders mixed into the fray for good measure.


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