Making Music


Child Valley’s Music line


There are few children who don’t fantasize about being a famous musician. Chad Valley’s Music line will fulfill your little one’s dreams. All the instruments in this line will not only teach your child the basics of music, but also make them feel like they’re already selling records.

Your little rock star will love the Chad Valley My First Guitar. It includes a demo mode, an easy play mode and additional music beats. Melodies are very easy to play thanks to the color-coded notes. Your little musician will also love the Chad Valley Electronic Toy Guitar. Its melodies are very easy to play thanks to its eight button keyboard, 8 rhythm sound effects, three drum patterns and a swing bar. Both guitars can be just as fun for Mum and Dad as they are for the little one.

The Chad Valley Electronic Keyboard merges several instruments into one, featuring piano, guitar, organ, mandolin, music box, trumpet, violin and bell sounds. There are also eight rhythms – blues, rock, slow rock, new rock, disco, waltz, march and samba. The built-in lights will flash with the beat. All of this will improve your child’s creative skills, senses and hand to eye coordination.


The Chad Valley Four Piece Metal Drum set is an exact replica of a real drum set, scaled down to fit your child. It features everything you need for hours of musical fun, including a bass drum, a tom drum, a brass cymbal, a bass drum pedal and wooden drumsticks.

The Chad Valley Kids Guitar, Headset and Amp kit provides for an authentic rock band experience. The guitar includes demo songs, a swing bar and three drum keys. Most importantly, the amp comes with a volume control.

Chad Valley’s making music line will greatly improve your little ones creativity and keep them entertained while at it.



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