Let’s Pretend


Chad Valley’s Let’s Pretend line

Every parent knows that the little ones have a very vivid imagination. There is a multitude of things they want to be when they grow up. Chad Valley’s Let’s Pretend line will let your child be anything he or she wants.


Every boy wants to be a firefighter or a police officer at some point in their childhood. The Chad Valley police and firemen dress-up costume includes a policeman vest that reverses into a fireman vest. Also comes with accessories for both outfits – a police cap, a walkie-talkie, a fire helmet and a fire axe. Just the thing for a dress-up party.

Any child who has ever shown a fascination when you fuel up your car will of the Chad Valley talking petrol pump. It features realistic sound effects and even simulated credit card transactions. Great toy for imaginative role-playing, especially for the car crazy ones.

Another delay that any car crazy child will love is the Chad Valley Wheel Garage. It has a petrol station, a heli-pad, a car wash, parking, and comes with 3 cars. All of this can be packed away into a tire shaped case for storage or carrying.


Watching Mum in the kitchen will no doubt give the little one ideas. To keep those ideas away from the real stove, Chad Valley offers 2 play kitchens. Up first is the Chad Valley Interactive Electronic Play Kitchen, which includes over 30 accessories and recognizes what’s on the hop – a pan will sizzle, a kettle will whistle and a pot will bubble, thanks to the built in sound effect system. Up next is the Chad Valley Talking Foldaway Play Kitchen, complete with over 20 accessories, fun sound effects and talking phrases. It also folds away for easy storage. Both will give your little chef hours of role-playing fun.

These and other toys in Chad Valley’s Let’s Pretend line will remove all limits from your little one’s imagination.



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