Hot Outdoor Toys for Kids

The end of the school season marks a time when all the kids are home and ready to have fun. Outdoor toys are the items that keep children of all ages occupied while their parents are at work or in the home conducting business. The following are some popular outdoor toys that children can enjoy for hours. Parents can invest in such toys to keep their children happy and occupied all summer long:

Toy Monkey Bars Tower

The monkey bars are a historical play item that children have been using at school for ages. Manufacturers such as Toy Monster International have created their versions of monkey bar towers or kids who like to play outside of their homes. The towers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles. Dome shapes and old-school styles are the most common.

Toy Cars and Motorcycles

Toy cars and motorcycles are additional outside toys that boys and girls can enjoy for hours. The Disney Sofia convertible is an example of a vehicle that is battery powered. The child who rides the vehicle can hop inside it and go about 2.5 miles per hour. Another examples of a fun toy car for kids is the Kid Motorz Ride-On Hummer. The Hummer has features such as forward and reverse, rugged tires, loud horn, tilting hood, chrome grille and hubcaps.


The BBOP ball is an interesting creation that two children can play. The BBOP balls go around the childrens’ waists, and the children can engage in a wide variety of play with them. They can crash and bump into each other just to feel the fun impact. They can roll around or climb in the BBOP ball. Additionally, they can jump and run. The sky is the limit with such amazing balls.

Climbing Toys

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of climbing toys for children who like to explore by climbing. The climbing toys resemble some of the units that the army uses to train its soldiers. Walmart’s line of climbing toys consists of climbing domes and climbing cargos.

Slip N Slide

The old-school Slip N Slide is still a popular toy after several decades of existence. The Slip N Slide costs about $20, and parents can set it up for the kid within seconds.

This list of outdoor toys is only the beginning to a world of outdoor fun. Parents can always find fun toys that their children will enjoy.


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