Hatch Proof: Why Hatchimals fell flat with consumers

They were the most sought after toy this Christmas season.  Stores sold out of them.  They were impossible to find.  And if you did find them, the resale price was astronomical.  Parents who did find them went out of their way and spent a lot of time and money and frustration to get one.  And then when it was time for the Hatchimal to hatch excitement, the result for some was massive disappointment.

It seems that the most popular toy didn’t live up to it’s name, and actually hatch.  They are supposed to hatch from an egg when kids play with them for about 30 minutes.  The kids knock, rub, or tap on the shell, and the Hatchimal is supposed to respond with lights and sounds and eventually hatch so the kids can actually engage and talk with the creature.

Spin Master, the company that created the Hatchimal, has been receiving a firestorm of criticism after their product didn’t live up to the expectations in a lot of cases.  Customers have complained that in some instances, it took hours for the Hatchimal to actually hatch.  In other instances, they didn’t hatch at all.  And other complaints say that the batteries died shortly after the creature hatched.

And that was just the beginning of the problem for parents.  When those whose Hatchimal’s remained unhatched tried to call Spin Master to complain, the customer service was even more frustrating. Some have said they waited two hours on the phone for a customer service representative, only to be disconnected.

Spin Master posted an apology on their Facebook page and some instructions on how to deal with the problem should your Hatchimal not work properly.  Spin Master’s Facebook page is also flooded with complaints from many unsatisfied customers.

So what do you do if you have a Hatchimal that just won’t hatch? The Better Business Bureau says the best thing to do is to ask the store for a credit and to file a complaint.  That complaint isn’t going to go very far or get you a Hatchimal any time soon. Most retailers are out of stock on the item, and you only have until January 13 until the return policy ends.

Now what? There seems to be no clear-cut answer or backup plan in sight.

And even if the exchange happens, parents and kids alike are going to be disappointed, and thus creating a bad taste in the mouths of consumers and Spin Master.

After having to literally jump through hoops to get one, they had to watch their children who were anxiously awaiting a Hatchimal under the tree, get let down by a toy that didn’t work.

It looks like this year’s hottest toy turned out to not be all it was cracked up to be.


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