Hardly Boring: Why board games are making comeback

Looking for some family fun for the upcoming holiday season? You wouldn’t think so but board games actually are giving some of the more renowned and wanted toys a run for their money for a variety of reasons, namely marketing and a stronger push toward better sales.

Some of these board game ideas that mix updated versions of some classics with some new school ridiculousness.

The ridiculousness can be defined in the ultra popular Watch Ya’ Mouth.  This will definitely get the laughter going.  The object of the game is to be able to speak out phrases while you’re wearing a cheek retractor.

From the silly to the credible, some games have gotten a much needed makeover, such as Monopoly: Here & Now.  This updated version of a board game classic incorporates some of the most popular cities in the world with popular landmarks as playing pieces.  The goal of the game is to fill your passport by visiting as many cities as possible.

Clue Mystery Game.  Another updated version of a retro favorite is Clue Mystery Game.  The new version is the same classic mansion murder game but with a second crime scene, for the one in your family or inner circle that simply can’t get enough Dateline.

The game of life gets a junior with the aptly titled Game of Life Junior version. This is another remake of a classic, as the junior version of Life is set more for the kids.  Instead of being a doctor or accountant, players can be a video game designer or singer.  And it’s a faster version as well.  Instead of following a player’s entire life, this game is based on just one fun filled day.

Finally, Twister and Scrabble make comeback attempts as well.

Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots has a new look and features a hip hop playlist.  It’s also endorsed by Demi Lovato, who calls for the players to stomp on the colored spots. Scrabble Twist Game is the traditional idea of the original with a new twist.  This version isn’t actually a board game; it’s a hand held electric version of the original.  Users tap and twist their device to make letters appear as opposed to the tiles in the old school board game version.

While any of the aforementioned games might seem outdated to a large number of kids, you can’t undersell how they’re being promoted in the attempt to bring board games and games of that ilk back to the forefront. Will it work? Ultimately, they aren’t going to unseat toys in general but at least some of that nostalgia has found a niche again for now.


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