Chad Valley’s Games line

A truly great toy is one that parents can enjoy with their little ones. The Chad Valley Games line features classic tabletop games that don’t get any less fun with age, which means hours of fun for children, as well as the parents.


Few strategy games are more fun than Battleship. Two young admirals strategically place their battleships on a grid to prevent them from getting hit, while at the same time trying to hit their opponent by calling out a quadrant on a grid. Battleship is a timeless game that doesn’t get any less fun with age, so there are endless hours to be had playing it with your little ones.

Use your skill to form words and words within words in a game of Link Words. Can be played one-on-one or in bigger teams. A great way to build up your child’s vocabulary, while at the same time brushing up on your own.


Everyone loves one of the most timeless board games ever made – Snakes & Ladders. Chad Valley takes it even further by making it 3D. The climbing, sliding and spinning board game will keep the children entertained for hours, along with parents, who will undoubtedly want to get involved in the fun.

The Chad Valley basketball hoop is great for indoor use. It features electronic sound effects for 2-point and 3-point scoring, keeping your young Michael Jordan active and entertained. Comes with a basketball.

As the name implies, Tension Tower is a game that involves a great deal of suspense. Take turns pulling blocks out of the tower, while making sure it doesn’t tumble. The one who makes the tower fall loses the game.  Endless hours of fun for the whole family.

The games in the Chad Valley Games line will provide for hours of fun regardless of age, whether it’s at a party or a family game night.


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