Gamers Guide: How gamers and gaming have helped PCs

Last year marked the fifth year in a row that sales of PC’s has fallen.  With more and more people using their smart phones instead of desktop or laptop computers, it’s no surprise for the decline in sales. 

But instead of backing off, PC makers are coming up with a new game to push up sales.  And that “game” is simply targeting gamers.

HP, Lenovo, and Samsung are now putting out high end lap top and desktop computers specifically designed for today’s PC gamers.  So why is this a good idea since PC sales are on the decline? 

PC gaming is actually on the increase.  Experts say that while the overall PC market is looking at a two percent decrease in sales, the gaming portion of the PC market is showing a seven percent annual growth rate.

But how can there be growth in the gaming market when the overall PC market is on the decline?  There are a variety of reasons for this.  One is the rising number of esports to a growing gaming market in China.  The rise of China’s middle class coupled with the country’s ban on game systems like the Play Station and the Xbox has created one of the largest PC gaming markets on the planet. 

Esports games such as League Of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and World Of Warcraft have also been big contributors.  League Of Legends is only available for PC and Mac.  And its esport tournaments have drawn huge numbers internationally in places from New York City, to Germany, to China.  Valve Stream, the creator of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is also only available for PC and Mac. 

Another contributing factor to increase the popularity of gaming on the PC side is the virtual reality market.  Two of the current top of the line headsets, Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vice are also only available for PC. 

Gamers need a higher end PC or lap top to keep up with today’s games.  Because gamers want and need a fast system to play on, they will upgrade their systems faster. By offering new laptops and PC’s running on the latest hardware available, gamers will buy because they want they want the best performance out of their gaming systems.

So as virtual reality technologies continue to improve and bring in more consumers, the gaming segment will keep growing.  So that means there will be plenty of flashy, impressive, and new PC’s and lap tops for gamers, and ultimately that will keep the sales of high end PC’s to the gamer market on the increase.

So, for PC users and gamers alike that means Game On, and hardly not over whatsoever.


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