Game On: Nintendo continues stellar streak of return games

Even though it’s been retired for over a decade, the Game Boy is making a comeback.  Originally Nintendo’s creation, it won’t be Nintendo who’s bringing it back though.

Retro Bit is the company that will be resurrecting the Game Boy, under the name Super Retro Boy.  Retro Bit’s version is kind of a clone of the original Game Boy in appearance.  But it is far more advanced than any of us who had the original model back in the 1990’s.

The Super Retro Boy will actually play all of the original Game Boy cartridges.  As well as those from the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance models. So essentially it will merge al three systems into one compact handheld.  It will also come equipped with a rechargeable battery that will keep it powered for up to 10 hours.  It will also feature a shatter resistant TFT HD display.

There will be a change on the face that might throw some old school users off.  In order to accommodate the Game Boy Advance titles that use shoulder buttons, the Super Retro Boy will have an extra pair of buttons on the face.  Those extra buttons will be below the standard A and B buttons on the face.   But the rest of it will be a very familiar face to gamers.  The look for the Super Retro Boy will be almost the same as it’s Game Boy predecessor.  It will also still feature the D pad along with the A, B, L, and R buttons of yesteryear.  It will also have the Start and Select keys, and volume controls.  The face isn’t the only thing that will be old school about the Super Retro Boy.  The device won’t support Wi Fi and will have no TV output port.  It will however have a headphone jack.  So basically, it’s going to be the definitive retro handheld console.  Although the device will have an HD screen as well.

There won’t be any games preloaded on the Super Retro Boy.  The system will pretty much just run the cartridges from the three Game Boy models.  But a cartridge with multiple games is expected to be released somewhere down the line.  The Super Retro Boy will be available in August.  The price for the returning gaming system is about $80 dollars.

So why is the Game Boy being brought back?  Well mainly because retro gaming has a strong and loyal user base.  When the NES Classic Edition came back in 2016, it was a return to the classic NES of the 1980’s.  And the demand for it was overwhelming.  Retro Bit is hoping that same demand will be there for this clone of the classic Game Boy as well.

Chances are, with vintage being so clamored for, they newest incarnation of the Game Boy will be a hit.


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