FUN IN THE SUN: Summer typically lends itself to outdoor toys

With the exception of movie blockbusters that tend to produce action figures and toys galore, summer sees a rise in popularity of toys that promote kids getting off the couch and into the pool or simply enjoying the exceptional outdoor weather.

Granted, most moms and dads probably spend countless hours in the aisles of toys stores, fleeing up and down them in search of everything associated with the likes of Captain America, Lego Movie, Transformers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Kids clamor to not only see those movies, but buy as many of the figures or toys associated with them. But in the midst of this summer movie blitz, parents also should be equally inclined to shop for toys that promote actually partaking in activities that aren’t within the confines of their bedrooms.

Some of the 2014 summer favorites that aren’t associated with movies or cartoon characters harken back to toys that are relatively simple. This year, the plastic beach products like the bucket, shovel and water gun garner plenty of rave reviews and have become hot commodities again, which is surprising considering there is not much to them.

That hasn’t prevented these products from finding their way to the top of the most wanted list. In addition to the shovel and bucket, you also can’t miss for a younger crowd with the always popular plastic dump truck for sand and the iconic watering can for kids.

A few of the cooler, more modern water guns include an attachable back pack, like old school water pistol meets modern day Ghostbuster. The back pack has other benefits as well: keeping kids from constantly having to stop and refill it.

What summer wouldn’t be complete without a bicycle to pedal around the neighborhood on, whether it is the first bike for your tyke or an upgrade to a two wheeler. For kids just learning to pedal until their hearts are content, parents should strongly consider the self-propelled option. No batteries or pedals but rather a steering wheel that actually works to not only change direction but propel the bike itself.

The perfect complement to the bike is the always timeless pogo stick, although a second glance at the design makes it seem a little scary for kids to use it. Balance is the main issue at hand, but the Bungee Jumper by Monkey Sports offers quite the alternative, made of a softer material that is abundantly safer.

Safety is hardly a winning selling point for kids, but parents probably would gravitate toward that characteristic. The combination of safety and sunshine is a win-win for all parties involved and turns the summer into nothing short of sensational.


  • February 25, 2014
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