Familiar Faces: Why branding boasts consistent video game sales

Gamers: On your mark, get set, game on.

The late summer, early Fall releases on the video game front produce a few new contenders to your wish list, but a lot of familiar faces in the form of games you’ve seen before, only updated for better game play, graphics and everything else video game enthusiasts want from their purchase.

This game might sound familiar if for no other reason than the realism involved, making it sound more newsworthy and less fantasy. The game, Tacoma, takes six people and throws into a situation and also about how crisis can pull them together or push them apart throughout it.

Also expected to be released is Ark: Survival Evolved.  Originally released in 2015, it became one of PC gaming’s hottest titles.  Now, it will be given a full commercial release.

Another title getting a fresh start, yet still known is Agents of Mayhem.  This title is meant to make a clean break from the Saints Row series, and also builds on over the top, open world third person shooter characters that feel super human.

Anyone who fell in love with Sonic, from the old Sega days, is in luck with the release of Sonic Mania. The throwback to Sega’s top character of the ’90’s is making another comeback, which has old school gamers beyond excited.

More well known, iconic brands set for a release late summer, early Fall is the Madden franchise, one we’ve come to expect yearly releases and updates and upgrades from, along with Mario and Resident Evil.

Madden NFL 18 will be released just in time for kickoff.  Besides the traditional excitement of battling against your friends with your favorite NFL team or trying to lead your team to the Super Bowl, Madden 18 has a new feature.  This year’s release will feature a story mode called “Longshot,” about a former college football star who has been out of football for several years but is trying to find his way back into the pro game to achieve his dreams.

Another old school character making an appearance isMario.  He’ll be back with French Minions and a Roomba in the title Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.  The game involves a party comprising characters from the Rabbids and Mario canon adventuring through a Mario style world.  There are two phases to the game as well with exploration and turn based RPG battles.

Resident Evil: Revelationsis between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5; Revelations sends players to an abandoned cruise ship and the city of Terragrigia.  There, they will attempt to stop a terrorist group from infecting the Earth’s oceans.

The brands we know and love are bona fide winners, so new releases from them only make the most sense, financially, and consumers and games alike know what to expect, which makes buying that much easier.


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