Design a Friend

Chad Valley’s Design a Friend workshop

It’s no secret that little girls love playing with dolls. Instead of getting a generic mass-produced one, why not let them make their own with Chad Valley’s DesignaFriend workshop? It’s as easy as letting a little one pick out a doll, then a beautiful outfit for her to wear, finishing with accessories to complete the look. Each one of these dolls comes in a gorgeous boutique-like box and includes a friendship charm bracelet.


There are  four 46cm dolls to choose from – Sophie (blue stripy top, blue leggings and shoes), Freya (purple top, leggings and shoes), Ellie (grey stripy top, leggings and pink shoes) and Alesha ( pink dress, black leggings and pink shoes). They all look adorable and are sure to be a hit with any little girl.

They can be dressed up in one of twelve outfits for every occasion, each one coming with a charm to add to the friendship bracelet. These outfits include glamorous designer party dresses, casual denim outfits, winter and autumn coats, bedwear and much more.


The look is then completed with various accessories to make the doll look even more stunning. These designer accessories include a set of 3 pairs of designer glasses with cases, a winter knitwear including a headband with a scarf and mittens, as well as a handbag set complete with a shopper bag, a purse and a bracelet.

Designing a custom doll has never been easier. The little one can do it in 3 simple steps – choose a doll, pick a lovely outfit, pick a beautiful set of accessories and let Chad Valley do the rest.  The dolls from Chad Valley’s DesignaFriend workshop are sure to bring endless hours of dress-up fun to any little girl.



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