Design a Bear

Chad Valley Design a Bear Workshop

There’s no reason to buy a teddy bear off the shelf when your child can design his or her very own Chad Valley bear from scratch? Chad Valley’s


Designabear workshop will let your child pick a colourful bear from Chad Valley’s extensive range of teddies before choosing a cute outfit for it. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, your child’s custom bear can be dressed for any time of the year. There are even outfits for special occasions including birthdays, Christmas, Easter and many more. Bears aren’t the only thing to pick from – there are also bunnies, sheep and other cute farm animals.

Teddy bears will undoubtedly be many children’s preference. Chad Valley teddy bears come  in a multitude of colours, including brown, cream and of course pink for the girls. The Chad Valley Pretty Bunnies are no less cute and come in cream or pink. The little ones will also love the white wooly  lamb, the cuddly elephant, the cute pup and the lovely purple unicorn.

Picking a fluffy animal is only one third of the fun. Chad Valley has an extensive line-up of outfits they can be dressed in. These include a winter outfit, casual denim, bathing suits for the beach, a raincoat with boots for a downpour and many more.


The final part of designing a custom soft toy is the accessories. Chad Valley’s DesignaBear workshop has a huge selection of them. There’s a suitcase with a luggage tag and a set of stickers, a beach set with a towel, inflatable beach ball and sunglasses, and many other accessories.

Designing your own custom soft toy is so easy that even your child can do it in 3 easy steps. Just pick out a fluffy animal, pick an outfit, pick a set of accessories and let Chad Valley do the rest.

The range of bears expands to duck, sheep and other fun farm animals with prices starting at £8.99 on the Argos website.

To summarise the chad valley design a bear offering;

Step 1. Choose your perfect furry friend…
Step 2. Choose the outfit that bests suits them…
Step 3. Choose the finishing touches and accessories…

Order your bear online or collect in store today.


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