Chad Valley Create 

Every parent knows that young children are overflowing with creativity. The Chad Valley Create line features tools that will let the little ones put their creativity into action, keeping the little Picassos and DaVincis creating masterpieces for hours.


Snow domes can keep children excited for hours, so why not go even further and let them create their own? The Chad Valley Glitter Snow Domes set comes with 3 plaster moulds, 3 clear domes, a mixing tray, 3 dome bases, 2 packets of glitter, 5 pots of paint, 3 plugs, 6 base plugs, a paintbrush and instructions.

Drawing is one of every child’s favourite activities. The Chad Valley 250 piece Super Art Set has everything your little artist could ever need to create a masterpiece, including oil pastels, watercolour paints, fine line markers, mini markers, chalks, pencils, paper, sharpener, paint brushes and erasers. This will keep the little one occupied for hours.


The Chad Valley Aquamagic Mat makes drawing even more fun. Your little one can draw something and then watch as the drawing magically disappears so they can start creating again. The marker will only be able to draw on the mat and nowhere else, making sure that there will be no accidents involving ink on the walls.

Chad Valley Face Paints are ideal for any children’s party. The set comes with enough paints to color over 50 faces with hundreds of colour combinations. Comes with 9 pots of paint (green, blue, yellow, red, black, orange, purple, white and pink), 6 face crayons, an application brush, 2 sponges, a stencil sheet and a guide on how to make the little ones’ faces look the way they want.

Chad Valley’s Create line will let your child’s unique creativity out with hours of creating fantastic works of art.



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