Classically Trained: Why the original Nintendo reigns supreme again

If you spent the better part of the holidays looking for the repackaged version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, better know as NES Classic Edition, you most likely came up short handed. The funny thing is even after the holidays, tracking one down is still nearly impossible.

No, you haven’t transported back to 1985, and the mad rush at the local mall (what are those things?) hasn’t gotten the better of you. Instead, the Nintendo brand is back in full force with an old favorite, and that really shouldn’t surprise you for a number of reasons.

For starters, the old adage, “everything old is new again,” rings true with this throwback, the NES Classic Edition. This looks like the original NES system, only smaller and it comes complete with 30 of your favorite games already downloaded on the system.

So not only is the NES Classic Edition a sleeker, streamlined version of the original but you don’t have to fumble around with cartridges or buy additional games. All of the games you grew up and loved as a kid are available as part of the package.

Anyone who remembers the original Nintendo knows that the games often didn’t cooperate all that well after time, so this eliminates that problem right off the bat. Also, the price point of the NES Classic Edition is less than $60, so price shouldn’t be much of an option when it comes to getting nostalgic with your gaming.

For those who were kids in 1985, perhaps you haven’t indulged in your kids games or yourself picked up playing the more realistic games offered today. The “they’re too real” is a legitimate gripe as some harken for the days when video games were just that: cartoon games.

The response and subsequent shortage of this console is evident with nearly 200,000 units sold in the United States since November 2016. Even Nintendo is trying to assure customers that the shortage isn’t done to raise price or start a war on the online auction sector for these consoles but rather seems as though they originally thought the NES Classic Edition would be more of a niche market.

Instead, it created an entirely new one that existed once before and now is clamoring for the games they grew up with as kids.

Nostalgia always has a place, but not even Nintendo believed that when it came to the NES and now the Classic Edition that that place would be at the front of everyone’s line.


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