Book Bagged: Why the toy book still is relevant

About 60 days or so before the holiday season, you’ll get a blast from the past.

No, it’s not your favorite retro toy or some other gift that has made a comeback (although that always is a possibility).

Instead, you’ll be privy to something that, in the toys and games business, has managed to withstand the test of time.

Say hello to this year’s toy books, from the likes of heavy hitting retailers such as Toys R Us, Target and Wal Mart, just to name a few.

The dawn of the internet and technology such as smart phones and tablets have rendered periodicals of all types virtually extinct. From newspapers to magazines and even paper coupons, you can get all your information and savings online to the point that you’d be hard pressed to see a newspaper on a front porch, a magazine anywhere but old ones in a doctor’s office or coupons being carried around the grocery store or into a retailer of the paper variety, rather than simply letting the scanner swipe a coupon on your phone.

So you would assume that the toy books, the ones with the glossy pages and pristine photos, also would be used more to line the bottom of a garbage can or a bird cage rather than being reveled in as the driving force behind how toys are purchased before, during and in some cases after the holiday season.

Why exactly are the toy books still relevant?

You could point to a few reasons, mainly because most of them actually do offer some sort of discounts in the form of the old school paper coupons, and parents certainly aren’t going to turn down any additional chance to save money over the holidays, even if it is a clipped coupon that harkens back to decades ago.

The toy books also give an insight into what kids want because they’d also be inclined to look at them when they arrive. The photos in the books allow kids to point out what they like, and parents, for example, can take note of this and make the subsequent purchases to fulfill the holiday wish list of their kids.

In a world where technology is king, the toy book is a welcomed throw back to a time when computers weren’t all the rage and having a cordless phone was considered smart. You won’t necessarily be ordering the toys the old fashioned way through a catalog, but it’s a nice starting point for adults and kids alike.


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