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Argos – Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattle and Footfinder Set

  Boby soft Lamaze wrist rattle and foot finders encourage discovery. Bright patterns and faces with fun sounds to reward exploration. This product supports visual development, problem solving, thinking skills, hand to eye co-ordination and sound awareness. Colours and styles may vary. General information: For ages 3 months and over. EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 9780756615581 Features: For ages 3 months and over £ 8.99 – Buy Now

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Chad Valley Christmas presents

Christmas Toys With the summer still fading you might be forgiven for grimacing at the talk of Christmas too early. For the prepared amongst you, you’ll already be keeping an eye open for the best bargains and must have toys for the kids. The Argos Chad Valley range is a great place to start and just looking through the catalogue will conjour up memories

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Design a Friend

Chad Valley’s Design a Friend workshop It’s no secret that little girls love playing with dolls. Instead of getting a generic mass-produced one, why not let them make their own with Chad Valley’s DesignaFriend workshop? It’s as easy as letting a little one pick out a doll, then a beautiful outfit for her to wear, finishing with accessories to complete the look. Each one

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Design a Bear

Chad Valley Design a Bear Workshop There’s no reason to buy a teddy bear off the shelf when your child can design his or her very own Chad Valley bear from scratch? Chad Valley’s Designabear workshop will let your child pick a colourful bear from Chad Valley’s extensive range of teddies before choosing a cute outfit for it. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or

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Chad Valley Create  Every parent knows that young children are overflowing with creativity. The Chad Valley Create line features tools that will let the little ones put their creativity into action, keeping the little Picassos and DaVincis creating masterpieces for hours. Snow domes can keep children excited for hours, so why not go even further and let them create their own? The Chad Valley Glitter Snow Domes set

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Chad Valley’s Games line A truly great toy is one that parents can enjoy with their little ones. The Chad Valley Games line features classic tabletop games that don’t get any less fun with age, which means hours of fun for children, as well as the parents. Few strategy games are more fun than Battleship. Two young admirals strategically place their battleships on a

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Making Music

  Child Valley’s Music line There are few children who don’t fantasize about being a famous musician. Chad Valley’s Music line will fulfill your little one’s dreams. All the instruments in this line will not only teach your child the basics of music, but also make them feel like they’re already selling records. Your little rock star will love the Chad Valley My First

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  Chad Valley’s Active line Getting your little ones used to exercise and physical activity is an important step to making sure they grow up healthy. Chad Valley makes exercise fun with its Active line, which includes bikes, trampolines and more. The Chad Valley My First Bike has a steel frame that can take any punishment a 2-4 year old learning to ride can

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  Chad Valley Action line While it’s true that violence never solves anything, nobody ever said anything about pretending. Let your little one’s combative side out with the Chad Valley Action line, with its awesome action figures, play sets and more. The Chad Valley C17 aircraft comes with a fully equipped combat unit, including two tanks, two armoured cars, two helicopters, a parachute with

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