Chad Valley Action line

While it’s true that violence never solves anything, nobody ever said anything about pretending. Let your little one’s combative side out with the Chad Valley Action line, with its awesome action figures, play sets and more.


The Chad Valley C17 aircraft comes with a fully equipped combat unit, including two tanks, two armoured cars, two helicopters, a parachute with a pallet and a full squad of 12 plastic soldiers. Your young one will be able to re-create their own military battle scene, providing for hours of fun and imaginative play.

When it’s time to take the fight to the seas, the Chad Valley Battleship will give imaginative children hours of fun re-creating a grand naval battle. This set includes an aircraft carrier, four fighter jets, two tanks, two armoured cars, two helicopters and 12 soldiers.


All the children, especially boys, know that dinosaurs are cool. The Chad Valley Dinosaurs in a Tub set includes 13 dinosaurs, 2 trees and 4 trunks. Imaginative children will have hours of fun creating their own dinosaur adventures. All of this comes in a tub with a carrying handle, allowing your little ones to carry the whole set with them wherever they go. An even more complete dinosaur experience is the Chad Valley Dino Adventures set. It includes 10 dinosaurs and four foldable colour illuminated wooden mountains with multiple levels for the creatures to stand on.

There’s tons of fun to be had with a medieval castle. The Chad Valley Castle comes with 2 battle horses, 5 knight figures, a catapult with 2 rocks, weapons, shields and even a dragon to defend it against. Recreating epic medieval battles will keep any child occupied for hours.

Every toy in Chad Valley’s Action line is sure to keep the little ones occupied with hours of fun imaginative play.



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